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How to prevent water pipe from freezing?

Zeit: 2022-05-16 Zugriffe: 20

Indoor water pipe antifreeze in facility engineering is simpler, but for the outdoor water pipe anti-freezing method will be more troublesome, frost on the outdoor water pipe, can be water, linen, silk, cotton straw rope to wrap, but also with cotton and linen fabrics or antifreeze set of pipes is wrapped tightly, Z good wrap pipe more layers,  In this way, water pipes can be effectively strengthened to keep warm, so as to prevent water pipes from being frozen.  The pipes at both ends of the water meter and the exposed pipes on the ground should also be wrapped with cotton fabric, and the water meter box should be kept dry and covered tightly. After the snow falls, the snow on the water meter box should be cleaned in time to avoid the snow melting into the water meter box.

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Water pipe anti-freezing tips can also be in the case of low temperature, before going to bed to close the indoor small water meter valve, and then open the water, put out the remaining water in the water pipe.  This water pipe anti-freezing method compared with the previous open water can effectively save water, in the water pipe anti-freezing some material experts according to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction characteristics of material, design can be sensitive to the perception of temperature materials.  A mechanical temperature switch is developed according to the morphological changes of special materials at different temperatures.  It refers to the automatic opening of the switch when the temperature is close to freezing point, which can effectively release the cold water in the pipeline, and automatically close the valve when the temperature is appropriate.  

In the water pipe anti-freezing method, the most important thing must be to ensure the temperature of the water pipe and avoid the temperature of the water pipe being too low, which can effectively prevent the water pipe from freezing.  If the water pipe has been frozen to the ice, water pipe, water meter, with a hot towel wrapped water, then use warm water to thaw of tap water, but keep in mind that cannot use too hot water is warm, Z in the defrosting water is the important point control, such ability can effectively to water pipe will not cause damage at the same time,  Let the water pipe can be used normally.  

In the water pipe winterization, often appear the situation of the water pipe has been frozen, on if a water pipe to thaw with warm water, such as water meter is still not see the water out, then freeze within the water meter, too, can use the hot towel at this time on the water meter, and then use warm water to labor, Z well water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius,  Do not use fire directly to the water pipe baking.  It is important to control the temperature of the water.  The above is the specific introduction of small series for water pipe anti-freezing skills, I hope you can learn from the water pipe anti-freezing.