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Der Unterschied zwischen Hot-Melt-Muffenschweißanschluss und Stumpfschweißanschluss

Zeit: 2021-12-10 Zugriffe: 20

Socket type PE pipe fittings are mainly used for small-caliber PE water supply pipes. The diameter of PE socket pipe fittings is slightly larger than that of PE pipes. After the PE pipe fittings and PE pipes are heat-melted, the PE pipe is inserted into the PE pipe. Complete the hot melt connection. Commonly used PE socket fittings include PE socket coupling, PE socket elbow, there are two kinds of 45 degree elbow and 90 degree elbow, PE socket tee, PE socket flange head and PE socket end cap.


Socket type PE pipe fittings are mainly used for the construction of tap water supply PE pipes. Generally, small-diameter PE pipes are basically based on roll. So under what circumstances will PE butt fittings be used? PE pipes with a diameter of more than 110mm should use PE butt fittings.

The difference between PE butt fittings and PE socket fittings is that there is no equal coupling PE fitting for PE butt fittings, because the pipes of PE butt fittings are all large-diameter PE pipes, and the corresponding PE pipe has a thicker wall thickness.  The connection of this kind of PE pipe adopts hot-melt butt joint. Therefore, PE butt pipe fittings with a diameter of 110mm or more only have PE elbow, PE butt tee, PE pipe butt flange and PE pipe butt pipe cap, etc. There is no PE pipe equal coupling for this kind of pipe fittings.

The commonly used types of PE pipes using PE butt fittings are 110PE pipe, 160PE pipe, 200PE pipe, 315PE pipe, 450PE pipe, 500PE pipe, 630PE pipe and the above large-diameter PE water supply pipes. The PE hot-melt butt welding machine is used for welding, PE The pipe welding temperature is about 220 degrees or 230 degrees. The hot-melt construction of PE butt pipe fittings is more difficult than the construction of PE socket pipe fittings. Technical workers with professional PE pipe construction experience are required to weld PE pipes.