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The differences of PE Feed Pipe and PE Drain Pipe

Zeit: 2022-03-14 Zugriffe: 19

HDPE water supply pipe is produced in strict accordance with the national health standards. Raw materials are high density polyethylene, without any recycled materials and other additives.  


1. Druck
HDPE water supply pipe is used to transport tap water from underground to the ground and people's homes.  Because the HDPE water pipe needs to bear the pumping pressure, the water supply pipe is generally divided into five levels according to the pressure, namely 0.6 mpa, 0.8 mpa, 1.0 mpa, 1.25 mpa, they bear 6 kg pressure, 8 kg pressure, 10 kg pressure, 12.5 kg pressure and 16KG pressure.  The higher the pumping pressure is, the higher the pressure grade requirement of PE water supply pipe is.  
High Density Polyethylene drainpipes are generally used to discharge sewage and flow from top to bottom, so polyethylene drainpipes generally do not need to consider the pressure level.  

2. Preis
Since the HDPE feed pipe is made from the new HDPE material, its cost will be higher than the HDPE drain pipe.  

3. Stoff  
PE water supply pipe needs to transport tap water for People's Daily life, so the PE water supply pipe must meet the national health standards, PE water supply pipe must also meet the national standards of high-density polyethylene.  
Polyethylene drain pipe should be added back for customers to choose if it meets the applicable conditions and is permitted by customers.