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The most five common connection methods for HDPE pipes

Zeit: 2021-08-31 Zugriffe: 19

Generally speaking, there are four main connection methods for HDPE pipe: socket fusion welding, butt fusion welding, electrofusion welding and threat welding. Today, we will talk about the socket fusion welding.
Socket fusion welding
Socket fusion used for the diameter under 110mm, the process as below:


1. Cutting the tube
Before connecting, check whether the parts of the pipes and fittings to be connected are clean, non-destructive and free of burrs. Use a special pipe cutter to cut the pipe to the actual length required. When cutting the pipe, the pipe cutter can be rotated in the direction of the pipe axis, and at the same time, the cutting surface is flat and perpendicular to the pipe axis.

2. Mark insertion depth
Use a pencil with a hardness greater than 2B or a carbonized pencil (no oil-based pen) to draw the corresponding insertion depth on the pipe.

3. Reinigen
Before each start of welding, the heating area of the welding machine, pipes and fittings should be cleaned.
The welding machine should be cleaned with lint-free, non-shedding soft paper or soft cloth, and no cleaning solvent should be used.
For pipes and fittings, it is also necessary to use the above soft paper or soft cloth with anhydrous alcohol with a concentration of more than 94%, and then wipe the heating areas of the pipes and fittings after they are fully moistened.
After the product is cleaned, it should be avoided from being contaminated by the working environment, let alone touching the cleaned area with your hands.

4. Verbinden
After pulling out, immediately insert the pipe into the pipe fitting along the central axis of the pipe at a uniform speed until the curled weld on the excuse reaches the line drawing position of the pipe, and keep this position. In the same way, there can be no rotation during the insertion process.

5.Keep and cool
Don’t move before pipe and fitting completely cool.